she is king 
 about the collection

Layo G. has collaborated with famed Nigerian artist Ndidi Emefiele for our Spring 2015 collection titled “She Is King.” Ndidi has painted a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, exclusively for Layo G. We are honored to present this painting, which will serve as the inspiration for this collection. 

“It has been a dream to work with Ndidi. Not only does her powerful work take my breath away but Ndidi herself is such a force. Her confidence and magnetism embodies the Layo G woman The ‘She Is King’ painting is absolutely incredible. We cannot wait to debut the collection.”

- Layo Gbadamosi


In producing the exclusive painting, Ndidi thought carefully about the colors she wanted to work with. They are symbolic and reflect the many powerful elements of the woman.


“The demure purple background represents royalty. Splashes of yellow stars exude the happiness and excitement of the subject. Her intelligence is captivating and her warmth is enchanting. Her star is so bright not even the night can dim her shine. I also use gold because she is wise and giving. She is light, she illuminates places and lives. Red because she is bold and her beauty is unmatched. She is passionate. You can’t tame her, neither can you quench her fire. She Is King.”

- Ndidi Emefiele