You’re A Badass Boss Lady: 10 Wardrobe Essentials To Let The World Know It

You’re A Badass Boss Lady: 10 Wardrobe Essentials To Let The World Know It

As a lawyer and business executive in the entertainment industry, I have always identified with badass executive women who are not only shattering glass ceilings, but are pushing the envelope and are straight savage with their style.

This is the Layo G woman! She will offer you a dish best served cold as she’s closing deals left and right. She will stand on your neck with her 8 inch stiletto heels until you gasp out your surrender to all her demands. She will suck the life out of your soul during negotiations and burn down your pitiful hopes of besting her on the deal-table.

She will walk all over your ashes and your faded dreams of winning against her. You won’t make that mistake again when she’s done with you. There will be no questions asked as she turns her back on your stunned look of surrender. She will strut out the boardroom and make sure you hear every single click of her heels as a reminder that she will always get her way. Case closed.

I started Layo G. because I wanted to inspire these women who are beasts in the boardroom and live on the edge with their style. Every woman has this savage in them and we’re letting that woman lose as we leave a trail of shattered glass behind. I design for these women because they seek the ultimate style to wield their ultimate power. I dress them up, so they can dress you down.

Here’s a list of ten wardrobe pieces that will make you feel like the total badass that you are. As we celebrate Black History Month, all items listed below are from Black-Women-owned businesses.


Now, let’s get ready to serve:


1. a statement suit

Find a suit that you can wear for any occasion, including outside the office, because you step on necks in and out the office! With the Layo G badass fuschia suit-set, you could layer a band tee underneath the jacket to stunt in these streets! During these cold winter months, pair your suit with a turtleneck sweater to remind these suckers that you’re as cold as ice. A suit with attitude—Any questions?

 2. a tunnel jacket

Step up your outerwear game with this tunnel jacket. Pair our tunnel jacket with a glittery black top  for an edgy look, but possibilities are endless with this  silent killer piece! Whether you’re pairing our tunnel jacket with a blouse and dress pants on the weekdays, or with a little black dress on the weekends, this wardrobe essential will leave you with a trail of double-takes.


3. a zipper dress

Our zipper dress is a lethal addition to any boss lady’s wardrobe arsenal. This statement piece is deadly on its own, but even sharper with a statement jewelry, knock-em-dead heels, and killer purse. Available in both ash-gray and hunter-green, your choice of weapon won’t change the end result: game over, you win!


 4. a pair of edgy heels

These heels are E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Style these with a pencil skirt or some ripped jeans to let the world know that the look may be casual, but there’s nothing casual about you baby! Aminah Abdul-Jillil’s motto is “try something different,” which matches perfectly with what we believe here at Layo G, “every woman is a boss!” If these bow pumps don’t scream BADASS, then I don’t know what does!


 5. a pair of sunglasses

A single pair of high-quality sunglasses will last you a lifetime, and these pair will match all the shade you’re throwing in the boardroom. Marsha Douglas-Sydnor, the brilliant woman behind this company, wanted to design sunglasses that people of all skin tones could enjoy. We’re here for it and we stand with this brand! SHADES OF SHADES is an inclusive eyewear brand with fourteen different nude shades, spanning a wide range of skin tones. *Drops-mic*


 6. chain jewelry

Upgrade your outfit with any piece of statement jewelry and upgrade their lives when you walk into a room. This chain choker from OMA will add some effortless edge to your wardrobe. While this choker is paired with a white long-sleeve and jeans, you could also dress it up with a blazer, suit or strapless top. A must-have staple statement piece to stop them dead in their tracks.


7. anything leather

Leather jackets, leather pants, leather skirts—leather attitude! I love this leather bag from Anima Iris because a bold woman doesn’t shy away from bold colors.


8. graphic tee

As a self-proclaimed BADASS boss, I love using fashion to showcase my commitments to social causes I believe in. This graphic tee from Phenomenal, inspired by a Maya Angelou poem is everything! This cutting-edge company is making bold moves and we’re here for it. They are currently collaborating with Meena Harris, Vice President Harris’ niece, to produce videos and social media content for nonprofits and foundations working towards racial justice and equity. We stand with Phenomenal in their efforts!


 9. bold-print dresses

Strut outside your comfort zone with this Jade Geo Dress from Sammy B. I love neutrals as much as the next boss, but there’s nothing more stylishly powerful than wearing a printed dress with loud blues, reds, and oranges, (I’m looking at you Gabrielle Union!)


10. sneakers

Comfort meets in-your-face style with these black floral sneakers from Chelsea Paris. Theresa Ebagua, the designer herself, is straight serving in this stain-finish look. At the end of the day, the Layo G woman will always stay true to herself and will show up everyday as the best version of herself, while owning your soul in her full glory! Watch out for her, she takes n
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